Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Quirky sushi restaurant in an unlikely location

I have always thought that all cusines should adopt the Yo! Sushi's conveyor belt way of eating. Having your food paraded in front of you before eating is every foodies dream, it's food for the eyes. And now I can officially say that I have been to Britain's original conveyor belt sushi restaurant: Moshi Moshi.

I first heard about this restaurant on a BBC Two's The Fisherman's Apprentice, featuring marine biologist Monty Hall learning the ropes of being a fisherman with the locals at Cadgwith Cove, Cornwall. Moshi Moshi was featured within the show as it is one of very few restaurants who help support sustainable fishing by using whatever has been fished that day.

So, after spending four days in Cadgwith it only seemed right to finish with a meal at Moshi Moshi, Liverpool Street station. Now normally you wouldn't think, "hmmm where should I go to dinner? Oh I know - at a station", but honestly with its quirky interior designed by a leading Japanese restaurant designer, suspended above the railway tracks - there is something truely special about it and the station makes the atmosphere.

If you need to restrict the amount you eat and feel your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, you can opt to sit in one of the pods as we did - and have yourselves a bit of privacy! The menu offers a wide range of Japanese dishes: sushi, tempura, soups, hot dishes and rice. Intrigued by the sustainable fishing, we decided to go for the "Seasonal Platter" which featured the Cornish catch of the day, a white fish in a light batter. Everything was beautifully made and served swiftly but without overloading us with all of the dishes at once.

But it's not all good. There is one downside: it's only open Monday - Friday. But maybe if we all make regular visits they might reconsider their opening hours?

Yelly-fi-felly-food-belly x

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