Saturday, 9 February 2013

A burger so good, I've already been for seconds!

If I was a well known blogger, I'd probably ditch the long blog and just simply say...


End of.

But I feel I may have to earn your trust first, so if you're not convinced by that, I will share with you my experience...

For most foodies in London, you will no doubt have heard of Brixton Village. A collection of pop-up shops with market stalls selling fresh produce and rather unusual looking vegetables during the day. In the evening Brixtonites and food tourists gather to the many restaurants from Mama Lan serving a small selection of Bejing street food, to the original Franco Manca, a very well know and raved about pizza place.

I however only had one place on my mind: Bukowski Grill. Mainly for one reason and one reason only which was for their burgers. I have to say I was tempted by what else was offered on the menu including grilled pork back ribs and Chicano pulled pork... but I just love a burger and my luck was in. It just so happened that the Bukowski Burger of the Month was Black & Blue - blackened beef patty, creole mustard mayo, thick cut pickle, blue cheese and onion. I'm salivating as we speak. Blue cheese and beef is like salt and vinegar, they just go together.

I ordered my burger medium rare with a side of their famous triple cooked chips fried in beef dripping which I have been dying to try! Plus a bottle of their Kentish beers, Green Daemon, to wash it all down with.

Picking up this mountainous burger with both hands I really wasn't sure how I was going to tackle it. With the first bite my mouth was filled with an array of flavours: the strong blue cheese punching through with the tang of the mustard and the sweetness of the onions, beautifully complimenting the juicy beef patty with a soft toasted bun to go with. I made SUCH a mess, and my dining buddies didn't hold back pointing and laughing at the cheese smeared across my face. Attractive.

And the chips. The gorgeous, wanna-bite-right-now, roast potato like chips. Crisp on the outside and fluffy in the centre. Beyond tasty, they were mouthwateringly moreish!

And what was the cost? A respectable £16 for a burger, chips and a beer topped with a great atmosphere. In fact it was so good that I went again last night and had the February Burger of the Month: The Wise Guy. This amazing creation consisted of a beef patty with smoked mozzarella, sense coppa (pastrami) and balsamic onions. Although this time I made less of a mess (probably due to not having melted gooey cheese to contend with), I still could not recommend it enough and could have probably eaten two! This however may have been down to the ginger beer and basil mojitos consumed shortly before at Seven across the way...

But be warned all the above does mean you will have to queue - for up to an hour at peak times! But well worth the wait!

Yelly-fi-felly-food-belly x