Monday, 5 August 2013

The Underground Supper Club

Having spent the day pedaling round London on a beer bus, what better way to end the day than to
have dinner aboard an old Victoria line tube?

The Underground Supper Club is the creation of Basement Galley originally set-up by Alex and Tom in a flat in Brixton as a way of making a little extra money and to create a sociable environment to fuel conversation and feed hungry appetites.

Since then they have now progressed to hosting a 6-7 course tasting menu aboard a decommissioned Victoria line tube carriage within Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum. 

In keeping with the Underground theme, the menu is presented within "service information" with each tube line colour representing a course on the menu. After a quick briefing and introduction by Alex and Tom, we take our seats on board. 

Seated and ready to start our edible journey we were served an appetiser or "amuse bouche" of a medjool date confit served on smokey squash, shortly followed by a smoked salmon tartare starter. Both dishes gave a little teaser of what was to come: a spectacular array of beautifully presented, gorgeously flavoured food.

I think I should probably add at this point that we were currently experiencing a torrential downpour outside which meant that the waiters and waitresses had to dash across from the kitchen to the carriage ensuring no dish was spoiled. I really did feel for them. They even went to the driver's cabin (which we had a pre-dinner peek at, GEEKS) to activate the sliding doors to keep us dry, adding even more to the underground dining experience.

So two dishes down, and eager to try more, our pallet was then vibrantly cleansed with a cold pea and rocket soup with strawberry sorbet which provided a beautiful contrast of green and red, and mixing these two together tasted like a garden in your mouth (minus the mud and worms) - I'm not really sure there's any other way to describe it with the taste of the garden greens and fruitiness of the strawberry!

Pallet cleansed, we moved onto our mains: rich lamb stew served with greens and rosemary polenta. Anyone who knows me, knows that if there is lamb on the menu I will almost always go for it. And what a treat. My favourite kind of lamb: tender, juicy, slow cooked lamb. A very welcome dish on a stormy summer night! 

Having done a little googling before hand there was one dish that I knew was almost 100% going to be on the menu, and I could not WAIT to try: Fizzy G&T jelly. Simply sprinkle some of the white powder onto the tiny cube of jelly and place in your mouth and wait for the explosion. Incredible and a real talking piece. 

Done with the savoury and now several glasses of wine down, we awaited the arrival of something sweet and something sobering (by this point the beer bus session and wine MAY have been catching up with us). 

And what a treat we were presented with. A chocolate Grenache tart - delish! - and a white chocolate smoothie. Promptly followed by cup of strong coffee and a gift bag of Dolcezza biscuits (these I snuck into my handbag - had reached my limit!)

The verdict? Amazing. I really urge anyone to try this experience, whether you are are tube geek, food geek or looking for something a bit different. They've added two more dates this month: 15th and 17th August at £39pp. What's more is the BBC have obviously got wind of this fabulous experience and will be filming there on the 15th! Get your tickets now - they sell out super fast!

Yelly-fi-food-belly x

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